Our generation’s problems

Our generation’s problems

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about things that I find are problems for our generation. I have wanted to discuss this for a while but I have waited so that I could put together a better list of things. I would also love for you guys to comment below with things that you think are problems for our generation and what could be done to prevent the thing from being a problem. Let’s get right into this blog.

You end up social media constantly

Everything these days involves social media. From just going for food to having a kid or getting married there is normally something about it on social media. It’s just how people feel the need to share things from day one. I’ve been pretty lucky because I’m good at fighting the urges from social media to display everything on it but I see some people my age who have just had kids etc and there are basic photos every single day and for me, that’s just not right. I get sharing some but not super constantly.

House prices are insane

Old people do my head in when it comes to talking about buying houses or even just renting one. The cheapest I’ve seen for rent in an area that would be close to where I work was around Β£400 a month and even to buy a small house these days prices are through the roof. In the olden days, it was far easier to save for a house because you didn’t need to save as much in order to have enough for a deposit. Hopefully, one day it becomes easier but right now moving out of your parent’s house is harder than ever.

We are seen as snowflakes because of the fact we struggle mentally

Older people don’t always understand the fact that mental health is a big thing these days and so many of us struggle with mental health issues. We talk about so much about it but part of the problem is that we don’t have enough older heads around us to guide us in the right direction when it comes to solving our mental health problems. Speaking out about our mental health issues will not always help either because of the fact a lot of the time we aren’t understood and people just aren’t there for us.

We struggle with seeing things from others’ points of view

I think this is partly down to how social media works and how hard it is to read tone in what people say but I’ve seen so many cases where people cause arguments and fights over having different opinions. I think that is fairly embarrassing, to be honest. Instead of being like that we should be open about our opinions and show respect for each other regardless of what we think.

Buy the latest or be bullied

This one saddens me the most because it starts at such an early age. This has been a problem for as long as I remember too as it was something I had to deal with. If you didn’t have the latest fashion or phone etc you were picked on regardless of any reason for not having it even if you just weren’t interested. Not everyone has the same tastes or budget so that causes so many problems. I hope it doesn’t stay that but with how easy it is to bully through social media etc I don’t see it.

My thoughts

I have discussed some of the things I believe are problems for our generation. I would love to thank you for reading and supporting my blog and I’d also love for you to comments about the problems that you feel our generation has.

Have a great day.


16 thoughts on “Our generation’s problems

  1. Definitely agree with these! I’d also say that finding a job is a struggle especially because you always seem to need experience to gain experience in jobs nowadays:)

  2. Thank you so much 😊 Yeah thats so true. Took me applying for over 5000 to get the job I’m in now

  3. Definitely agree with the ones you have posted. The problem with our generation is that we are at a massive political divide with the elderly. The divide is massive. Younger people are more liberal then older people nowadays. 😊

  4. Really enjoyed reading this and onside with every word! The one that gets me the most is people fighting over different opinions. Everyonr wants to have the last word!

  5. A very interesting post, kinda depressing too hahah
    I loved that the first problem was about everything that ends up on social media, and it ended up on social media πŸ˜›

  6. I completely agree with this post! Especially the social media side of things and the opinions and I think they can mix in together especially when it comes to the political debates etc!

  7. Completely agree with house pricing, it’s ridiculous and just not realistic. I understand the social media issue but I think it was inevitable, as we grew into a future one generation was going to become reliant on technology but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. The opportunities social media presents is endless.

    Brilliant post, love your writing style!

  8. Yeah feel like moving out will get harder for people tbh. Yeah true. Thank you so much 😊

  9. I really enjoyed reading this blog but I disagree with the snowflakes thing! I don’t think we’re seen as snowflakes because of our mental health. From my experience, I see younger people finding any excuse to turn something harmless into something offensive. It seems that you can’t win sometimes and having to think ten times over about a post in case someone gets offended by it is a problem. I completely agree with the house price thing. My flat is just under Β£700. I’m a part time student at the Open Uni so I get no financial help whatsoever. Working enough hours to pay rent and bills (split equally between my partner) while studying is really difficult and stressful!

  10. Thank you 😊 Yeah I’ve seen it meant both ways unfortunately. That’s crazy for a house. Can imagine how bad it is

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