Plus size definition

Plus size definition

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this will be about how I think the definition of “plus-size” is so inaccurate and why people shouldn’t be grouped under it in the first place. I would also love to know what you make of the term “plus-size” and if you would be considered under it. I would also love to know about your self-confidence regarding your weight throughout your lifetime. Let’s get right into this blog post.

I haven’t really been skinny apart from for a couple of years while I was a teenager in school. Part of this came from feeling terrible and drained with life as well as not making enough time to eat. I’d be in and out of the house after school to go and play football or do shedloads of homework. I feel like teenagers these days have even more pressure on them because qualifications alone used to secure you a good job without any bother whereas I had taken 2 years and 5 months to get my first job due to not having experience and as I had not been to university for a degree. 

I am chubby nowadays but there are skinnier people than me that I am far healthier than despite the problems I’ve had and on the other hand there are people far bigger than me who are far healthier than me. This is part of why I hate social media these days too. Everyone sees a picture of someone who doesn’t have a flat stomach and acts like their doctor. I’m sorry but someone being big can happen through things out with a person’s control. Things like medication, injuries, metabolism and so many more affect the amount of weight we put on so let’s get realistic before we judge someone for their look.

We also need to come up with a better term than “plus-size” because it seems like it is used to describe way too many people these days. It seems like anyone without a flat stomach is plus-sized and on top of that, I’ve seen girls being labelled as plus-sized due to being over the average height. To me, someone who is plus-sized would be actually plus-sized and not someone who is just a few pounds overweight or really tall compared to the average height. 

In my honest opinion, I see the term plus-size as being very derogatory these days and not actually a positive like it used to be. It is probably how overused that doesn’t help either. Imagine it was actually used properly though. Body positivity is a massive thing especially for women because although males do suffer from a lack of body positivity, I feel like it affects women far more and comments about their weight. I feel like everyone would be more positive about their body if we weren’t labelled at all and just seen as equals to the rest of society and truthfully that should be the case because you aren’t any less human if you carry a bit of extra weight. 

There has definitely been an advance in body positive movements in recent years with plus-size modelling being a more common thing and with Youtube and other social media sites being used to promote body confidence. I hope to see this continue in the future in order for us all to become more confident. 

I would love to thank you for reading and supporting my blog content. I would also love to know what you think of me using different coloured writing in my blog as I wanted to make it easier for you guys to read. Have a great day. 

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16 thoughts on “Plus size definition

  1. No matter the size, as long as a person has the right amount confidence then that’s all that matters 💕 great post !!

      1. You’re welcome! I enjoyed reading! I actually enjoy when bloggers tweet their most recent posts !! I see it there quicker than I see it in my WordPress reader lol

  2. Another interesting post. I liked the use of different coloured text.

    I love all the body positive adverts and I really hope that it becomes the standard or at the very least more common placed.

    1. Thank you so much. Thought I’d try it to make it easier to read my posts lol yeah hopefully that’ll be the case

  3. I agree. The term “plus-size” is used to describe way too many people who are most definitely not “plus-sized”. It’s very annoying, and it’s so insulting. Body image has always been a hot button for me. Probably because I’ve never not been “plus-size.” I truly hope that a good change in wording will come about soon.

    1. Yeah I would be considered plus size but even at that I’m not massive either. Yeah something needs to change

  4. I’m not the skinniest, but I’m not really big either. I honestly don’t know where I’m hiding the pounds. I make comments about being out of shape, because I truly am, and someone always says, “but you’re so skinny.” I don’t think that people understand that being skinny or big doesn’t always equate to healthy or unhealthy. Great read!

  5. Definitely agree about the overuse of the term ‘plus-size’ starting to push it in a negative direction, and also blurring the lines so much it now includes people who definitely should not be under this label. I do wonder if it’s more or less patronising than ‘Big and Tall’ though. As someone who is quite far on the plus-size spectrum, it’s nice to have the inclusion and the option to shop in ‘normal’ shops, though I do worry which direction it’s going in.

    Btw, first time I’ve been on your blog since the revamp – love the new layout and colour scheme!

  6. My biggest size was a 10 in dress and 12 in pants (I’ve always been bottom heavy) I spent the majority of my life being small wishing I had weight because of cultural pressures but then I gained weight and was extremely unhappy until recently. I’d see so many beautiful women in social media and instantly feel insecure in my marriage because I knew my husband would see the same things and I was convinced that he wished I looked that way. I started to eat healthier and exercise, and I’ve lost a few pounds, but I’m happy because I took charge in maintaining my health and because I’ve learned to be happy with who I am at the present moment. There’s too much pressure to be perfect. I’m more concerned with being perfectly me.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this and I agree with you. There are way too many labels being placed on people these days. I do not like the term plus size at all. Thank you for sharing this. Labels can be so negative and almost creates a them vs us society.

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