Top 10 mental health tips

Top 10 mental health tips

I feel like we spend a lot of time each day seeing people unfold online about their mental health demons and this seems to be a thing that’s occurred more and more as time has gone on. In this blog post, I will be listing my top 10 tips for improving mental health in the short term and what else can be done in order to make sure more people can speak out and not be suffering anymore. I’d also love to hear your mental health stories so comment with them as well as your tips for improving mental health. Let’s get right into the blog post.

Here are my tips below guys:

  • Listen to your favourite music
  • Speak to people you trust about how you feel
  • Make changes in your life no matter how big or small
  • Remove toxic people from your life
  • Write how you feel down on paper or an online diary
  • Cry if you need to
  • Make sure you stay away from alcohol or drugs
  • If someone is being negative online towards you, block them
  • Speak to professionals such as doctors or psychologists if you feel that you can’t talk to friends or family
  • Keep yourself as busy as possible

These have been my top 10 tips for improving mental health everyone. I’d love to know what you think of my tips and if anything you feel works isn’t mentioned in this post then leave your tips in the comments. Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always. Have a great day.

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 mental health tips

  1. I’m a writer; I’m so much a writer that I have three blogs, innumerable journals, and I am also writing personal letters to friends. If I can express my emotions, thoughts, and troubles in written form, then I can express them verbally. It rarely works the other way around. The past two years I have gone through a lot of physical trauma, which prevented me from writing, and therefore prevented me from expressing myself. This deepened my depression substantially.

    I do not do well with keeping “as busy as possible”. I find that I am one of those people who often ignores danger signs by refusing to calm down. These past two years of being bedridden have shown me the immense value of solitude. However, I do see your point in people not just giving up. I found that sorting things in my house was soothing. I didn’t leave, I didn’t have to see people, but I was productive, I stayed mentally busy, and I was improving my space.

    I would also recommend exercise and sunshine, if possible. Vitamin D has been shown to be linked to depression when your levels are low. Supplements can also help. Exercise produces natural endorphins, but it doesn’t have to be anything like going to a gym – maybe just a simple walk around your neighborhood or a park.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yeah I used to ignore the danger so much and that’s what caused my problems before. Yeah those work great too 😊

  3. When I’m struggling with my mental health, music and meditation are my go-to’s. I don’t drink or use (illegal) drugs. I’m not one to cry so that doesn’t apply to me. You’re spot on about blocking negativity on social media. Take care!

  4. i enjoy to reading your post is lovely x and the great tips
    Thank you for sharing

  5. I particularly like “cry if you need to” – getting that emotion out can feel great! I try and avoid crying if I’m out and about because you can tell for the next couple of hours that I’ve cried due to my blotchy red face (haha), but if I’m feeling really low sometimes sobbing in my pyjamas over a bucket of ice cream actually really helps, and makes me feel fresh again. It needs to be more normalised!

  6. Yeah I’m the same. Hate it but it’s happened and I’m okay with that because it’s helped me long term. It really does

  7. I would also suggest finding their “person”. Sometimes it is difficult to see your doctors or therapist and it is convenient to have a friend or confidant one could trust. This is awesome timing on the post as it has been spoken of more but also its mental health awareness week

  8. Yeah I love that tip. Yeah I never went anywhere near a doctor or therapist when I was in a bad place mentally. Yeah I started off as a mental health blogger so I felt like it was a good time to revisit my roots loo

  9. I find my blog to also be my personal diary. Aside from growing it and promoting it, I do it for me. It’s literally therapeutic for me. Great tips especially to get over my college depression.

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