Why I don’t play nice with others

Why I don’t play nice with others

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about why I don’t play nice with others and what things in my personality people struggle to adjust to and accept. I would also love to see what you guys think of me and comment about anything people struggle to accept with you. Let’s get straight into the blog.

My Asperger’s Syndrome

Having a disability like mine’s can be such a pain. People don’t realise I have it due to it being invisible and as I cope with it fairly well people don’t understand that I can have bad days and be nervous without any warning. I used to always get very idiotic comments from some people because they’d never bother to actually research my condition and what to do in order to help me. I have problems wording things due to it too so I may not always say exactly what I mean in the correct way but not many people understand that too. They just saw me as a blogger and apparently, due to that, you can become superhuman and never struggle to word things.

I am brutally honest

I find it really sad that people can’t handle brutal honesty in 2018 and it holds us back a lot. I am such a straight to the point person and I know I don’t sugarcoat things but nobody should have to. I was always brought up in the manner that you should prefer being hurt with the truth over being comforted by a lie. People always refer to me as being mean or a bully but in reality, I will always just tell you what I think instead of hiding things.

If you are treating me bad, you won’t get away with it

I used to get walked all over so badly in the past by people just using me and abusing me. Nowadays, I am very different. I am very good at dishing out what people expect me to just sit and take. I remember having so many issues because of one person who used to lash out at me and get upset and act like I was in the wrong for treating her the same way back. In my opinion, if you treat someone like shit, you deserve absolutely everything back. You don’t deserve to get away with treating anyone bad.

I run out of sympathy very quickly

I can be sympathetic when people I care about get hurt but if they do nothing to move on from what is hurting then it’s hard to stay sympathetic. I learned that anytime you get hurt or make mistakes you need to just move on and don’t go on about only that thing. I remember when I went through breakups or made mistakes I used to go on about them for too long and only hold myself back so much. I am in a far better position these days because I’ve learned to not dwell on things and even though it’s hard to get like that it’s something you must do in order to be successful in life.

Unless I 100% want to do something, I’m not doing it

I have had so many people try and force things upon me and I am making something clear here, don’t bother trying that with me as it won’t work. I will only ever do things if you don’t make me feel uncomfortable or forced into something. When it comes to my life outside of work I believe in my life, my rules and that’s how I operate.

My final thoughts

I would love to thank you guys for the wonderful blog support since I have gone self-hosted and thank you for reading this post. Comment below with things that people don’t accept in your personality and comment with your opinion of me too as I’d love to know.

12 thoughts on “Why I don’t play nice with others

  1. Love this post. I can completely agree with what you’ve said, honesty is always the best policy and you shouldn’t ever do something unless you know you want to

  2. I think most people are more concerned with feeling good about themselves than actually being good. Very few people want to know what they are really like. In my experience, people who struggle with issues like Asperger’s are painfully aware of what they are really like because people constantly tell them how they aren’t fitting in. People who are better at playing the game and fitting in live under a comfortable delusion that they are “ok” and don’t need to change anything.
    Thank you for your blog and for sharing your story!

  3. People don’t believe that I’m agoraphobic, even though I’m working on it. I’m trying to quit smoking bcuz I can’t afford to pay for it and it’s bad for my health, and I’m trying to stay distracted by being on Twitter to stop the cravings.
    I love reading your blog. I don’t think you need to change a thing about it.
    Do you have a YouTube channel I can subscribe to?

  4. Yeah that’s good. Thank you so much. I don’t I’m afraid. Just this blog ๐Ÿ˜Š

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