Why I still enjoy Fifa 19

Why I still enjoy Fifa 19

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is my first gaming blog in a long time. As you guys can tell from my tweets, I am a massive fan of Fifa and have been enjoying playing it for years now. I have lost track of how many consecutive years of Fifa I have played and I don’t see myself stepping away from it just yet. In this blog, I will discuss why I still enjoy playing Fifa 19 in a time where the cool thing on social media is to hate EA and the game that they produce on a yearly basis. I would also love to know if you enjoy gaming of any sorts and if you are a Fifa fan. Let’s get right into the blog.


I still very much enjoy the gameplay this year in Fifa despite so many people having a million complaints about it. I don’t have the best internet ever but despite this, I have rarely had slow gameplay or bad button delay. I have had the latter a couple of times but it turned out to be controller issues so despite me knowing it exists, people shouldn’t complain about it as much as they do without trying different controllers or game modes first.

I love that the gameplay allows you to play so many different ways too. I see people complain about people playing overly defensive but that’s a real-life tactic used by teams very often. It’s a good tactic to use because you can invite people into attacking and counter every forward move that they make but also if you aren’t a good defender, you can save yourself from conceding so many goals.

I play a multitude of tactics, to be honest, rotating between defensive play and attacking play is something I enjoy doing so much. It makes the game so much fun for me because different things work in different games.


I love formations in Fifa because there are an abundance of them and different ones work for different people. Yes, a lot of people use the same one because that’s what the pros do but when something isn’t working you have so many options to make change even in-game and this is something that adds to the fun for me.

Replayability Factor

The game for me is very engaging but I think I do a lot more to make it like that compared to other people. I switch game modes if one isn’t going well for me, I don’t take the game as serious as other people and other than pro players and Youtubers, nobody should take it super seriously. At the end of the day, it is just a game and remembering that should allow you to keep calm and have fun.

Another thing I do is that I take little breaks if I feel things going against me. It all works so if you feel yourself moaning so much about the game, take a different approach to it because loads of people still play it, therefore, that shows that people can play it in the way it is meant to be played.

This has been my reasoning for still loving Fifa 19 guys. I hope you all enjoyed reading. Thank you for that and supporting my content. Have a great day.

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