Why I’m now on Instagram

Why I’m now on Instagram

Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about why I’ve been using Instagram and how I feel like it helps my blog. My username is mcginley20002018 so if you wanna drop a follow on the gram then you can find me there. I’d also love for you to comment about how you find Instagram, how it helps your blog and also leave your username so I can follow you. Let’s get right into the blog guys.

How I find it

So far I have enjoyed using Instagram. It’s definitely different to anything I’ve ever used before anyway. I have been using it for things to do with my blog as well as a couple of good views that I have had. I plan to use it for travelling as well as using it to promote my blog throughout too. I’ve had some lovely, supportive comments already too so it seems like a positive place for me to be and it gives me a different alternative to Twitter. I hope to just build it up like I have with my Twitter as that has gone so well for me.



So it may be a shock to some of you that I am on Instagram in the first place but I am now going to explain why. So basically, my girlfriend suggested that it could help my blog out a bit and I didn’t know much so she set me up the account I have. I feel like I could use another social media site for my blog as well as Twitter because Facebook hasn’t been any use for me. I feel like I have had a steady rise in viewership since I went self-hosted but I feel like I need a different avenue to bring in more potential new viewers. We are building a great community on my blog and I just want to build that into something even more special and successful than it already is.

How it helps my blog

I feel like even though I’ve just started to use Instagram, it has helped me already with my blog. It has given me a few views on my blog so far as well as allowing me to engage with people that I hadn’t ever discovered. I hope it builds up like my Twitter and blog have because it’s good to have a third way to connect and interact with people. It has opened up a new avenue for blogging for me too as I can take inspiration and learn from even more people than I already could with my blog and Twitter.

My final thoughts

Overall, joining the Instagram crowd has been a very good decision so far. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do and I’d love to follow you guys too so feel free to leave your usernames in the comments if I don’t follow you already. Also, leave comments on what you think about Instagram and how it affects your blog.

Thank you for everything on my blog, Twitter and Instagram guys and thank you for reading my posts as always.

10 thoughts on “Why I’m now on Instagram

  1. I love Instagram, I can’t say if it brings a lot of traffic to my blog but it just makes me happy. I’m very visual person and enjoys looking at posts on Instagram

  2. I haven’t been back on Instagram but thought to grow mine soon. It’s not really like Twitter and I agree Facebook has less or most of the time no help regarding page views..

    Glad it helps your blog and I’m taking great pointers here on your post that could be useful when I decided to give my Insta some TLC.πŸ’›

  3. Yeah good luck when you get back into it and thank you for your comment 😊

  4. I too, think that joining Instagram as a bookstagrammer has been a great decision! It’s provided me with another platform to share my love for reading.

    I also believe that it does boost the engagement level!

    My Instagram username: @bustleboutbooks

    I am on Twitter, too! My username: @meher_gandhi

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