Why we shouldn’t judge others

Why we shouldn’t judge others

Hey guys, I am back with a brand new blog post and this one will be about why we shouldn’t judge other people in society. Everyone is different and with things being so advanced these days then I feel like we should all come together instead of bashing each other for being different. In this blog, I am going to discuss different things that people are heavily judged on and how I think we should remove negativity due to being different from society. I would also love it if you guys could post comments about different times where you were judged for being different. Let’s get right into the blog guys.


The fact racism still exists is absolutely disgusting. It is sadly still a massive problem where I have grown up in Glasgow and all too often have I witnessed arguments between people of different ethnical backgrounds where insults like “white trash,” “fucking nigger,” or “chinky bastard” have been thrown around. The arguments are always between grown adults as well which makes it far worse.

download racism red card.jpg

The campaign above is from Scotland and was started in 1996 in order to try and remove racism from football. It has worked to an extent but unfortunately, there are still some cases of racism in football. I think more needs to be done from an early age in school too. I feel that people should learn about other cultures more and it will educate them more about how other people from different backgrounds grow up and live their lives. I grew up in a school with people from so many countries and it was actually pretty awesome. I hope a day comes when we all get that chance to integrate with people from all different backgrounds and all understand them and get along nicely.


Sexuality is a big thing these days and it is always discussed in great detail. However, someone being open about their sexuality unless they are heterosexual isn’t always met with such positivity. There is still a lot of hate towards gays and people who are transgender and I have 2 questions to ask those who are against them:

  1. Why?
  2. Why bother about something that doesn’t concern you?

I feel like some people need to grow out of their really archaic views and funnily enough, it is mainly adults who are insulting to those with different sexuality to them.


It is amazing seeing people come together across the UK for big events like Pride but these events are opposed by some individuals and that just isn’t right. I think we should encourage people to come forward about their sexuality and embrace it instead of treating them differently due to it.

Social Class

I have no idea why some people look down on others due to their social class. In life, there are always gonna be people who are poorer than you or richer than you so it’s baffling how people who are upper class often look down on those worse off than them. It’s amazing yet so tragic how some paper, plastic or coins can make someone be so nasty to others. I’m in a minimum wage job and even if I made 100k a week I’d still be so grateful and kind to others worse off.

I feel like this starts from an early age though. In school, you are often ridiculed for not having the “in” fashion trends and the latest phone or gaming console. I think there should be more about money management and actual life hacks in school and maybe then we will all appreciate each other’s financial situation instead of ridiculing them.

Weight/Body shape

I hate social media for the effects it causes on peoples’ confidence regarding their weight and body. People are so judgemental when it comes to how others look and it’s so disheartening. I used to be pretty big when I was younger and I used to get bullied so badly for it. I’m not even skinny now but I am far more capable of handling people and their nastiness. We need to learn that people can be happy with their lives regardless of whether they are a size 6 or size 36 and 180lb or 400lb.

Fat shaming is so bad too because it’s always the typical comments from people that do literally no exercise and just have a fast metabolism. “You’re ill” or “how do you do basic things?” are mentioned so many times and it’s just infuriating. Unless you are someone’s doctor and they say that they are unhealthy then it just doesn’t concern you. I have seen people who are a lot bigger than me and they’ve probably been ill far less than me. Weight doesn’t 100% define health at all and people need to learn that you can be unhealthy no matter what weight you are.

Skinny shaming has become more of a thing too, unfortunately. People being shamed when posting pictures on social media has lead to so many cases where eating disorders and other mental health-related issues have started. It’s disturbing that people think it is acceptable to shame others for their body when nobody is perfect. I think that in order to fix the shaming issue, you should be able to choose what you eat from an early age but also have the information there as to why you should be careful with your body. I also feel like fashion magazines and online fashion article writers need to stop shaming people or photoshopping their bodies to fit what they want.

My final thoughts

I feel like there is only one song to describe the world right now:

where is the love.png

Society as a whole needs to find its love again because there has been so much evil and hatred around right now and we are all one human race so we need to act like it and accept each other for who we are.

Thank you for reading my blog post guys. I would love to hear about times where you have been treated badly because of being different. Never forget to stay shining and have a wonderful life 🙂

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  1. I agree with every single word you wrote here, but there are so many narrow minded people in the world – where do we start?

  2. Thank you so much. Oh god I know. Narrow minded people really hold us back

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